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NoSC Therapies
Psilocybin-assisted Therapy,
Hypnosis, Breathwork & Soul Journeying

What are NoSC-assisted therapies?

Non-ordinary States of Consciousness (NoSC) assisted therapies such as guided psychedelic experiences, hypnotherapy, and breathwork are healing modalities where NoSCs are used to help individuals access personal insights, process trauma or internal discord, and achieve catharsis, transformation, and growth.

numen (n.): /ˈno͞om(ə)n/ 15th-c Latin

"Divine presence", "divine mind, which pervades the life of men/women", "a spiritual force or influence". The word conveys the notion of a "nod of divine approval”.


Ancient cultures believed that things unseen and unknown can be glimpsed when a person enters an NoSC. Having perceived what was previously imperceptible, one then returns to ordinary consciousness with newfound discernment, courage, and power. NUMEN NoSC Therapies offer the potential for such numinous encounters.

Non ordinary states of consciousness
Michele Koh Morollo


NoSC Facilitator, MSc Psychology
OHA-licensed Psilocybin Facilitator
Michele Koh Morollo, licensed psilocybin facilitator

is passionate about NoSCs and healing. She is a Fluence-trained, Oregon Health Authority-licensed psilocybin facilitator who holds safe space for psychedelic harm reduction, preparation, and integration. She has a Master of Science in Psychology, a Diploma in Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy, and is a certified breathwork coach and reiki practitioner. Before working in mental healthcare, Michele was a journalist for media outlets like Al Jazeera, CNN, Harper's Bazaar and The Wall Street Journal. She is also a biographer and a fiction writer whose stories have been published in literary magazines and anthologies in the US, Canada, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Her approach is person-centered, existential, spiritual, holistic, and culturally responsive. She specializes in life transitions, creative blocks, codependency, addiction, childlessness, conscious aging, third culture identity issues, and intergenerational, cultural, and religious trauma. Born in Singapore, Michele lived in Perth (Australia), Sulawesi (Indonesia), London, Boston, and Hong Kong, before relocating to Portland, Oregon in 2021.

Psilocybin-assisted Therapy 
psilocybin therapy

Are you ready for change? To look behind the closed doors of your psyche? Then Psilocybin-assisted Therapy might be of interest to you. Psilocybin-assisted Therapy consists of three parts:

  1. Preparation: Michele will guide you with intention setting and help you orientate for a safe and beneficial journey.

  2. Facilitation: This is the day you consume the psilocybin at a licensed service center in Oregon. Michele will be with you holding safe space all the way, and will support you through any turbulence.

  3. Integration: In this session/s, Michele will help you process and integrate your experiences to encourage healing and personal growth.


Rates for Psilocybin-assisted Therapy are:

  • $1,200 for 1 Preparation, 1 Facilitation (between 4-6 hours), and 1 Integration. *This does not include the price of room rental at the service center or the psilocybin.

  • Additional Preparation and Integration sessions are available at $100 per session.

I offer sliding scale fees, so please let me know if you have financial constraints.

Cognitive Behavioral  Hypnotherapy

cognitive behavioral hypnotherapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a psychotherapeutic approach that challenges and reframes unhelpful beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors. Hypnotherapy takes you into a deep, relaxed trance state, so you can engage with your subconscious to discover the most effective ways to fight your biggest battles. Mindfulness training helps you better regulate your emotions, develop an attitude of non-judgmental acceptance, and become more present in the here and now. CBHypnotherapy combines these three approaches to help you break free from unhealthy mindsets and habits, so you can live a healthier, happier, more authentic, and purposeful life.

Rate for a 1-hour session of CBhypnotherapy is $120.

Find out more.

Etheric Release

Etheric Release is a holistic wellness experience that combines breathwork with active imagination to facilitate healing and personal growth. The experience includes circular breathwork, creative visualization, hypnosis, soul journeying, music, and reiki. In each 1.5 hour session, entering into an NoSC, you'll get the chance to tap more deeply into your wells of intuition, creativity, and inner wisdom.

Rate for a 1.5-hour Etheric Release session is $150.

Find out more.

breathwork & soul journeying

Mark M, Hillsboro, OR

Psilocybin-assisted Therapy

Michele was very present for me during the entire experience. Her kindness, patience and empathy were very much appreciated. I feel very fortunate to have had Michele as my facilitator. Feeling her calming and caring presence during my session was a great comfort. The conversation we shared during my experience will stay with me for a very long time. Thank you, Michele.

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