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A psilocybin group journey for healers and wellness workers

An affordable psilocybin therapy group for healers, empaths, wellness and complementary medicine practitioners at Immersive PDX.

a group psilocybin experience for healers, complementary health and wellness workers

​I am offering a group psilocybin experience for healers and wellness workers. Therapists are certainly welcome, but the offering is primarily for non-clinical professionals like reiki practitioners, hypnotherapists, energy workers, coaches, acupuncturists, sound healers, massage therapists, breathwork guides, aestheticians or anyone working in wellness or with complementary modalities.

The preparation session will focus on intentions around growing as a healer or wellness worker. Examples of discussion topics that might come up include burnout, imposter syndrome, and finding a balance between service and financial sustainability.

The group will serve as a community base for anyone looking to use psilocybin to enhance their intuition, confidence, and ability to build therapeutic rapport so they can better help those they work with.

The dates have not been set, but the plan is to have the group gather on the last Friday of every month at Immersive service center in NW Portland. The date and time of the group will be decided on once 6 people have signed up.

If you're interested, please email me at

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